What people say…

Read what seminar participants have to say about their Java Venture experiences:

“This trip exceeded my expectation. I really like how detailed and intimate we got with the coffee farmers and cooperatives and their personal stories. This experience will enhance my experience back on the job.”

-Coffee buyer, Belgium

 “What a unique opportunity to experience the coffee process starting with the source, the coffee farmer. The demographic of the travel group made the experience even more rich. The opportunity to meet different people from across the industry was a nice surprise and the trip turned out to be much more than I anticipated. Well done and thank you!”

-Business development representative, US Coffee Roaster

“As always, a real adventure with great variety and spice. The exposure to the humanity of coffee together with sociological, economic and political parameters leads all who attend your trips to be richer for their understanding.”

-Timothy Tulloch, European Roasterie

“Great job. A trip like this must be difficult to organize, and the organization exceeded other coffee trips I’ve taken.”

-Coffee roaster, USA

“I had no idea how much I would learn on this tour. I appreciate your patient and attentive service – you made me feel comfortable in a foreign country.”

-Barb Bushnell, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

“I learned more in three days in one of your seminars than I have in 25 years in the coffee business.”

-Charlie Ray, Ray Coffee

“Your coffee seminar provided me with the building blocks I need to substantially increase coffee sales in my local territory.”

-Brad Smith, Seattle’s Best Coffee

“This on-location seminar is a wonderful educating tool for our coffee growers to revisit year after year.”

-Nancy de Lima, Cerrado’s Coffee Way, Minas Gerais, Brazil

“I would recommend this expedition, or others to all of our members. Trips like this help us gain more knowledge of our industry and appreciate the effort that it takes for the special cup of coffee to reach the customer.”

-JoAnne Shaw, President, Coffee Beanery and 1996 SCAA President

“Seeing the farms where our coffee comes from and meeting the people who grow and pick the beans was an incredibly rewarding experience. I learned a great deal about coffee production and developed an even greater appreciation for the hard work and care that goes into coffee farming. The trip convinced me even more that we as roasters and coffee consumers need to be better informed about where our coffee comes from. Seeing the farms and meeting the farmers gave me a better appreciation of how difficult it is to produce this type of “quality” and also how important it is that we continue working toward it.”

-Bob Bernstein, co-owner, Bongo Java Roasting Company

Other references are available upon request.