Travels to Intriguing Places and Encounters with the Folks that Inhabit Them

JavaVentures On-Location Coffee Seminars provide an in-depth look at the main factors that contribute to the quality and flavor of each bean: agronomic characteristics, regional differences and processing methods, cooperative farming, organic growing techniques, as well as regional coffee history and culture. Tours also provide a unique opportunity to engage with producers.

Programs to suit anyone. From extensive multiple day tours, to one-day coffee clinics, an experience of coffee at the origin is not soon to be forgotten.

Coffee has something special. It brings people together, it’s a gathering point, it’s a point of departure.

Visit exotic locations to learn about coffee from plantation to cup. Feel the rush of a large scale mechanized plantation and processing plant or the charm of smaller, historic farms and their hand-picked cherries. JavaVentures’ familiarity with the regions, the coffees, the producers and cultures of each of these countries brings unique insights to the participants’ experiences.

Challenge your tour companions to an entertaining coffee picking contest. Enjoy breathtaking vistas from high-grown coffee plantations. Looking up to majestic peaks, or down on marine blue bays. See coffee as it blooms white blossoms with jasmine scents, or a beautiful, bountiful tree brimming with red berries!

Why Java Ventures?

Gain practical experience in the field with explanations by expert coffee guides.
  • Coffee Education That Suits You: JavaVentures educational itineraries are designed by knowledgeable professionals with years of experience in the coffee industry. Itineraries are arranged with the groups desire for education and diversion in mind.
  • Bi-Lingual Guides and Coffee Experts: A JavaVentures tour is always accompanied by a fully bi-lingual tour escort, as well as the most respected agricultural engineers and coffee experts.
  • Cultural Diversion and Vacation Packages: A JavaVentures tour provides the perfect balance between education and unique cultural activities to enhance your experience.
  • Gain practical on-site experience in the field with explanations by expert coffee guides. Learn the important factors in the cultivation of top quality mountain grown coffees. What makes a coffee considered top quality? How do soils and their nutrients affect the quality of the bean? Understand the effects of rainfall, altitude, sun and shade on the delicate beans.
  • Learn about technological developments in coffee, from high tech methods of processing to ecologically sound developments, which help protect the environment and peoples of coffee producing communities.