A new decade for women in coffee

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nica-photo-tour-2013Women are the heart of the global coffee industry. Their passion and drive, not only for product quality, but also the sustainability of their environments and communities, are the secret to specialty coffee in Nicaragua and around the world.

I’ll be joining, Root Capital, and Flores del Café for a 3-day women’s conference and study tour into the heartland of coffee, and the welcoming homes and hearts of women in Northern Nicaragua. Experience coffee through the stories of these strong women; learn how they are working together to develop community-based solutions to the challenges they face, and building bridges for the future generation of coffee farmers.

This program offers a unique opportunity to understand women’s issues in a rural setting and develop a shared context from which to consider potential solutions to the challenges that exist. This trip is a reflection of our commitment to share and disseminate our knowledge and learning around the critical role women play in building rural prosperity, and to promote the exchange of experiences and ideas between our borrowers and our partners.

Check out the full details on the tours page!

1 Comment

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